Pandora and Judas

January 21, 2009 at 4:10 pm (Review, Science Fiction)

Pandora's StarBring on the epic! Spaceships, mystery, murder, controlled wormholes, aliens! ‘Pandora’s Star’ and ‘Judas Unchained’ make up the supreme epic of Peter F. Hamilton’s epic space opera.
Based in the year 2380 the human race has expanded into the stars. The six hundred worlds that wormhole tunnels connect the human race live on that instantly transport you hundreds of light-years in moments. That whole thing works I suppose because weirder things happen in science fiction books.
But the technology isn’t the focus of the books; it’s the people that are the driving force of the pair of books.
Peter Hamilton takes just about every genre of story and blends them into this one massive story. There’s a murder mystery that a pair of detectives must solve, there’s a romance story, a story about a woman rebelling against who she is supposed to be, but the main story is a mystery of galactic proportions.
In ‘Pandora’s Star’ a distant star suddenly disappears and no one knows why. It didn’t go supernova and explode, it didn’t collapse into a black hole; it just disappeared. So what do they do? They send a ship and crew out into unknown space to find out what happened (that always turns out good right?).

There’s a reason the star disappeared and the crew of the ship ‘Second Chance’, and the rest of humanity is going to wish that they’d just left well enough alone.

Judas UnchainedThat brings us to the second book ‘Judas Unchained’ where all heck has broken lose. The reason behind the hidden star is solved and a massive war breaks out across the entire human commonwealth. The war blends all the storylines that seemed to have nothing in common together and make you realize that when push comes to shove we’re all the same in a lot of ways.

I think that Peter F. Hamilton does a superb job of blending mystery, science fiction, drama, and high action into a great overall story that works on levels that shorter, simpler books can’t do as well. These should be the next books made into an epic movie franchise because it does what it does so well and it does just about everything.
I loved these two books and I’m going crazy waiting until Hamilton’s new set of books ‘The Night’s Dawn’ trilogy and his follow-up trilogy to these books comes out in paperback.
It’s difficult to review these books and give you some idea what happens in them without giving away the story. I want to tell you more, but I REALLY think that anyone who likes sci-fi needs to read the books and anyone who loves science fiction MUST read them. So go, GO and get ‘Pandora’s Star’ and ‘Judas Unchained’. GO! GO NOW!


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Psychics, bounty hunters and…. the DEVIL!?

January 16, 2009 at 11:05 pm (Review, Science Fiction)

Working for the DevilSure science fiction is spaceships and lightsabers and all that, but it’s also other things as well. One of the science fiction books that doesn’t instantly mean spaceships and lightsabers is the Dante Valentine series.
The Dante Valentine series is written by Lilith Saintcrow and as the unofficial name implies it revolves around the woman Dante Valentine. Dante is a Necromance, which means she can psychically talk to the dead and find out who killed them. A handy ability when you need to get the bills paid. Go into a police department, find the dead person, talk to them, tell the police who killed them, cha-ching.
Of course being a psychic link to homicide victims isn’t the only thing she does (after all only so many people can be killed in a city at once), she’s also a bounty hunter, and pretty good one too if you ask her.
Sure Dante lives in a nice house in a high-tech futuristic city/world, sure she gets the bills paid with her jobs, sure she’s got friends and even some exes, what she doesn’t have is a cold-hearted demon following her around helping her friend another rogue demon at Lucifer’s command… wait what, she has one of those too?
Lucifer A.K.A. The Devil shows up in the first book and offers Dante the job of hunting down a rogue demon that has escaped from Hell, helping her will be another demon. The story seems to sag in the third book but that might have just been me reading it too fast to really get into it as well as I should have. Otherwise this book series is very good.
I honestly can’t say there is much wrong with this book, there’s the fact that it’s written in first-person (not my preference for reading) but it works very well and it well written. The only negative I can say to tell you whether you should read it or not is that if you don’t like stuff like Buffy then you won’t like these books series, if you DO like that however then you’ll most likely find these books a great read.

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Legacy of the Force

January 13, 2009 at 1:51 am (Review, Star Wars)

When someone thinks about Science Fiction, one of the first titles that come to mind is no doubt Star Wars. Over the years there have been a lot of different Star Wars books written by many different authors. But I’m not going to review all of the books. Instead I’m just going to review the latest Star Wars series titled “Legacy of the Force”.
Legacy of the Force is set 40 years after Episode IV: A New Hope in the Star Wars timeline. The series is somewhat of a difficult thing to judge solely on its own because it picks up on storylines that have been developed over the last couple of years in other Star Wars books. Mainly the series is a continuation from The New Jedi Order series and the Dark Nest trilogy.
The books themselves are well written and I like the authors three authors (Karen Traviss, Aaaron Alliston, and Troy Denning) that write the series. The problem I have with the series is the direction that the (Luke Skywalker-era) Star Wars books have been heading lately.
Bantam Books originally published Star Wars books and they always had a way of feeling like the original three movies. However since Del Rey took over publishing duties it seems like the books have gotten darker and darker. Now while I’m a fan of somewhat dark stories, and its not to say that Del Rey is at fault for the way the stories are going it does seem like a coincidence that really can’t be ignored.
In the time since Del Rey got publishing rights in 1998, 1999. There have been the deaths of quite a lot of minor characters, the deaths of three major characters, the corruption and later death of another character, and a lot of pain and destruction.
I’ve been reading Star Wars for about 10 years now and having all these characters I’ve really grown to like get killed is just frustrating. I know that it’s a pretty dark time in the Star Wars Universe, having just survived the events of The New Jedi Order series but come on! Please stop killing the characters I like.
I wanted to go into detail about the Legacy of the Force series but I’ve decided that I won’t so as to not spoil it for people who haven’t read them. Now I’ve still collected the whole series and I’m not going to get rid of them, but I just hope the upcoming series Legacy of the Jedi that follows up on Legacy of the Force is more like the older books and get that ‘original trilogy’ feel back.

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Hello world!

January 8, 2009 at 7:37 pm (Random)

As you can all see this is the first blog I’ve done. So before we get into the regular postings I figure that I should explain what this site is all about (if the name didn’t give it away). As the name says, this is Scifibookreview. Meaning I’ll be reviewing/talking about Science Fiction books. Now for all of you that don’t know, that doesn’t mean just Star Wars/Trek lasers and spaceships, there are alot of different kinds. I’ll be going over pretty much anything I read that I decide people should read, or avoid. If you have suggestions of awesome books you think I might be interested in or you think I should review then go right ahead and say so. And now on to the main event!

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